100 Milligrams per Day Keeps Diabetes Away

A study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill revealed that people who consumed the most magnesium from both foods and supplements were 47 percent less likely to develop diabetes over the course of the next two decades than those who consumed the least.

Magnesium, a mineral that your body cannot make on its own, is required for proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes — including several that help your body to process glucose. It appears that ample magnesium intake may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation, thereby lowering your risk of developing diabetes. An increase of 100 milligrams per day of magnesium was found to decrease the risk of diabetes by 15 percent in a meta-analysis of the data.

Hit Your Daily Values

Shoot to hit your magnesium daily value (DV). Adult males need 400-420 mg/day, while adult females need 310-320 mg/day.

Here are the 10 best foods to naturally supplement your magnesium levels with ease and hit your daily goals:

Almonds– dry roasted, 1 ounce: 80 milligrams (20% DV). Almonds are a delicious addition to salads and are easily tossed in a Ziploc bag for a quick snack when you’re on the go.

Spinach — boiled, ½ cup: 78 milligrams (20% DV). This versatile power plant compliments plenty of meals. Make a spinach leaf or mixed greens salad, mix it into casseroles, or even blend in a shake!

Cashews– dry roasted, 1 ounce: 74 milligrams (19% DV). Not a fan of almonds? Give these buttery party favorites a try instead! Cashews are just as portable a power boost as almonds with a richer flavor.

Black Beans– cooked, ½ cup: 60 milligrams (15% DV). Black beans are nutritious, delicious, and are great as a side dish or added to a casserole.

Peanut Butter– smooth, 2 tablespoons: 49 milligrams (12% DV). Not only does this tasty spread pack a punch of magnesium, but studies have also shown that this childhood favorite may help control blood sugars and manage hunger. Just keep an eye out for too much added sugar!

Avocado– 1 cup: 44 milligrams (11% DV). Where can’t you add an avocado? The creamy, delicious flavor of an avocado is easily enjoyed all by itself, used as a spread, on top of sandwiches, or even as a healthy, vegan alternative to staple ingredients like eggs and mayo!

Potato– baked, with skin, 3.5 ounces: 43 milligrams (11% DV). Use a potato for a wide variety of simple side dishes or indulge in a healthy summer-friendly picnic potato salad!

Banana– medium, peeled, 32 milligrams (8% DV). No time to prepare a magnesium-mindful meal? Grab a banana and get on the road. Bananas boast a whopping 32 milligrams (8% DV)!

Salmon– baked, 3 ounces, 26 milligrams (7% DV). If you’ve exhausted all your chicken recipes, I would encourage you to try salmon! Just 3 ounces of this tasty fish contains even more magnesium than 3 ounces of chicken!

Didn’t see anything that tickled your fancy? Don’t stress! There are tons of other options, like brown rice, edamame, goat cheese and artichokes, and although natural sources of vitamins and minerals are always best, adding a magnesium supplement is a reasonable alternative to the foods suggested here as well.

Making sure your diet is rich in magnesium is a simple strategy that may offer a valuable payoff in reducing your risk of diabetes.

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